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The Annual 2019 - Face to Face Meeting of the NPU Steering Committee

11 Feb 2020


From left; Taran Borge repr. Norwegian Release Center, Colin Humphris IUPAC, Marianne Holdt DHDA, Helle Johannessen DHDA, Graham Beastall IFCC, Gunnar Nordin Swedish Release Center.


Topic of the day:

Membership of the Steering Committee on the NPU Terminology

Review of the members of the Steering Committee was made according to statues.

The Steering Committee has until now consisted of two representatives from both organizations, IFCC and IUPAC.

IFCC is represented by Graham Beastall for the next 18 months. He will ask IFCC SD to elect a second representative for IFCC.

IUPAC is represented by Colin Humphris. He will ask IUPAC DIV VII to elect a second representative.

Danish Health Data Authority (DHDA) is represented by Marianne Holdt and Helle Johannessen (Chair)

The Norwegian Release Center is represented by Taran Borge and the Swedish Release Center by Gunnar Nordin.

The two members appointed by C-SC-NPU are Karin Toska and Daniel Karlsson. 


International NPU office – service fee

The extended workload on the management of the international NPU system increases, which reflects the needs for more staff. It is proposed to share the cost for the management by the three national release centers.


Renew the ‘Strategic plan for the NPU Terminology for 2020’

It was agreed to:

  • broaden the use of the NPU terminology
  • demonstrate how the NPU terminology may be used together with other terminologies and open standards, for example Snomed CT and FHIR messaging
  • establish NPU terminology as an integral component of the laboratory messaging


The Stakeholder Agreement was renewed and signed for the next three years. 


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